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APM LZOS 100/800 F8 Triplet APO Refractor inc Rings, Dovetail, Case - 2.5" Focuser - HIGH STREHL

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This is a rare high strehl version with minimum strehl of 0.98. This level of performance is exceptionally high and represents an almost perfect optic.

The 100/800 features TMB designed optics manufactured by the famous LZOS optical company. LZOS is a world renowned optical company and has supplied glass and optics for major astronomical observatories and optical companies such as Carl Zeiss. The optical performance of this refractor is as near to perfect as its possible to be. Each scope is supplied with an optical test report gauranteeing performance of at least 98% Strehl. Naturally each scope is collimated and tested before supply ensuring you get the very best performance.

Given the cost of such a Refractor you may think a Reflector would be a more sensible choice. However only with a Refractor such as this will you experience the overall image quality and contrast range that an Apochromatic Refractor can provide. You will experience truly stunning views and images and be amazed that this scope only has a 4" objective.

For imaging use, we offer compatible flatteners or reducers and motor focus kits from Lunatico and Optec. Please contact us for more details


Optical tube c/w LZOS Test Report

2.5" Rack and Pinion, 360 Degree Rotating Focuser

CNC Tube rings with handle

Vixen / GP format Mounting Plate

Flight Case




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