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Tecnosky eLLe Duo with Encoder Mounts - SALE!

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This mount is now end of line due to increasing production costs

The Tecnosky eLLe Duo Alt-Az mount is an elegant and stable full fork mount that can be used on all tripods having a standard 3/8" screw. It can easily handle heavier loads and binocular apertures up to approx 120mm as well as small telescopes. The design of the mount alows for unobstructed viewing from the horizon up to the zenith. Each axis is adjustable for friction. The mount also provides mounting points for an optional finder bracket with finder shoe that can accept conventional 50/60mm finders. Its main mounting plate has a slotted section and is supplied with a 1/4" thumb screw. This provides quick and easy mounting of smaller binoculars with adjustment for balance. The slot is also wide enough to accept M6 screws for the mounting of a dovetail clamp if preferred.

For convenience the mount features holes to accomodate up to 6 1.25" eyepieces. A further enhancement is theinclusion of encoder mounting points to allow the mount to be used as a highly accurate push to system. To do this you will need to add our encoder kit and either the Nexus II or Nexus DSC encoder interface


- Alt/Azimuthal full fork mount

- Weight: 3.3 kgs

- Payload capacity: at least 10 kgs

- Tripod connection: 3/8" photo tripod thread (reducer to 1/4" optional)

-  Panning area: 360° / Tilting area: >90°

- Accessory interface: slotted holes for ¼", 3/8" and M6 screws

- Adjustable friction in Alt and Az

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