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Tele-Centric Lenses

A tele-centric lens is not the same as a barlow lens. Although both magnify the image, the output from a barlow is diverging, which means that magnification will increase with distance from the lens cell. A tele-centric has a light output where the chief rays appear to come from infinity and therefore are parallel to the optical axis and perpendicular to the image plane. This also has the effect of keeping magnification constant with distance. This makes them ideal for use with rear mounted solar filters which require light to pass through them as parallel rays so the entire etalon operates uniformly. In imaging applications, while a specific back focus is still needed for optimum contrast or correction, tele-centrics do not, unlike a barlow cause an increase in magnification with distance.

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APM Coma Correcting 1.6x Tele-Centric

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Baader Planetarium TZ-2 Solar Telecentric

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Baader Planetarium TZ-3 Solar Telecentric

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Baader Planetarium TZ-4 Solar Telecentric

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