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Talon Automation for Roll Off Roof

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The Talon ROR is a safe control system for observatory automation. It allows manual control as well as automated control of roll off roof observatories.

The design takes into account the problem that when used remotely or autonomously, equipment can be left exposed to the elements due to a hanged PC, Internet lost, power fail, etc. With Talon, we can monitor all these conditions without fear. In the event of an issue, the Talon system, if needed, will park the mount and close the roof automatically without our intervention. The Talon ROR uses an ASCOM compatible driver that can be controlled from a PC or other applications. This allows the opening and closing of the roof automatically at the beginning and end of the imaging session. Talon moves operates its motor silently (microprocessor controlled), and accelerates smoothly up to its maximum speed until it has to decelerate to smoothly stop at the destination point.

The Talon ROR kit includes all that is needed to convert an existing Roll Off Roof Observatory to motorised and fully automated operation. We can help and advise with implementation of the system and other supplimentary hardware such as the Lunatico Dragonfly and Cloudwatcher systems that you also may wish to incorporate.

A manual covering the operation of the system is available to view HERE

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1 - 1 of 19 results