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TS Optics T2 Filter Quick Changer 1.25" / 2"

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TS Optics Quick Filter Changer



TS Optics 1.25" and 2" Filter Quick Changer - only 15mm optical length! ... the shortest filter quick changer that we know for visual and photographic use.

There are many applications that require you to change between filters regularly. The usual way is to remove the camera or eyepiece from the telescope, unscrew the filter, screw in another filter, put everything back in the telescope and focus again. This procedure is annoyingly bothersome and takes a lot of time!


The TS Optics 1.25" and 2" Filter Quick Changer allows you to switch between filters within a few seconds without having to refocus after the filter change!


TS Optics Quick Filter Changer on Scope



Examples of Use:


Astro Imaging: LRGB colour imaging, narrowband colour imaging, use of different contrast filters and nebula filters

Planet Observing: Ideal for using colour filters. The quick change between the filters allows you to directly compare the effect of different filters and thus choose the ideal filter for the particular application.

Deep Sky Observing: You can directly compare the impressions with UHC filters, O-III filters and other filters. This allows you to get the most detail out of each object!

Advantages of the TS Optics 2" Filter Quick Changer in comparison with other systems: - there is no limit to the number of different filters you can use. - very low profile - this also results in best possible field illumination - the filter quick changer needs less space than e.g. a filter wheel - the filters currently not in use can be stored protected from dew and dust. In classical filter drawers the filters are completely unprotected!



Optical Length only 15mm!

Telescope Adaptation T2 Female Thread approx. 2mm Length

Accessory Adaptation T2 Male Thread approx. 2mm Length

Max. Diameter 80mm

Weight only 85 grams incl. one drawer


The TS Optics 1.25" and  2" Filter Quick Changer is particularly effective when used with the TS Optics off axis guider.

The complete package has an optical length of only 24mm! You can enjoy the advantages of the quick filter change even when using a coma corrector or field flattener. Most conventional solutions would be too long - you would be unable to keep the proper distance between the corrector and the camera sensor!

The ultra low profile of the TS Filter Quick Changer results in best possible field illumination. Especially on "fast" telescopes, e.g. some Newtonians. The optical length has a big influence on vignetting! The TS Optics 2" Filter Quick Changer even allows you to use 1.25" filters on CCD cameras that would normally require larger filters with other filter holders. A common problem is Autoguiding. Cameras attached to off axis guiders often collide with the filter wheel or other large filter systems. The TS Filter Quick Changer is small enough to avoid this problem!


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