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Deep Sky Cameras

Deep Sky Cameras

Deep Sky Cameras are typically those used for long exposure imaging of faint objects. Typically they are cooled which reduces the amount of noise generated during long exposures. This type of camera also tends to be used for scientific imaging where either low noise or a very wide field of view is required. Our range of deep sky cameras has been selected to offer a range of sensor sizes and levels of performance depending on your requirements.

Both colour and monochrome cameras are represented. Colour cameras offer the beauty of simplicity, requiring that you only need to capture a single image for a full colour capture as opposed to a minmum of 3 for a monochrome camera. Even narrowband images can be captured with a colour by utilising filters. They can be of particular benefit in areas where there is limited clear skies as fantastic images can be captured in much less time.

Monochrome cameras represent the highest possible performance by offering higher resolution and can be combined with different filters for general imaging or science such as photometry.

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