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QHY M54 All in One Adaption Set

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If all the existing adapters supplied with the camera cannot meet the yours need, (such as the situation where the BFL requirement is very special), QHY offer this all-in-one accessory package. This includes almost all kinds of M54 adapters available. You can get any BFL you want through this kit.


The kit includes

5mm M54 to M48 Adapter*1

3mm M54 to M42 Adapter*1

2.5mm 2inch Filter Fixer (Original Name 020055) *1

4mm M54 Screwed Adapter (Original name 020070)*1

Cam Top Adapter (original name 020063)*1

0.5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm/7mm/10mm/14mm Spacer*1

8mm M3 Screws*8

10mm M3 Screws*8

12mm M3 Screws*8

14mm M3 Screws*8

16mm M3 Screws*8

21mm M3 Screws*8

24mm M3 Screws*8

28mm M3 Screws*8

36mm M3 Screws*8

50mm M3 Screws*8


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