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QHY 294M Mono CMOS Cooled Camera Micro 4/3 (IMX492) 4.63µm UNLOCKED TO 2.3µm 47MP!

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The QHY294M Pro is a new leap in the performance of Micro 4/3 size sensors.

The camera features the Sony IMX492 chipset which has 46.8 million 2.315um pixels. Sony 2x2 bins on-chip to create the sensor's advertised 11.7 million 4.63um pixel array. The QHY294 Pro series camera is capable of locking and unlocking the on-chip binning to provide two readout modes. The first mode reads the sensor "locked" mode to produce 11.6mp images with 4.63um pixel size and 14 bits per pixel. The second read mode unlocks the binning to produce 46.8mp images with 2.315um pixel size at 12 bits per pixel. Note this binning is like traditional CCD binning. It is not software binning and thus allows different pixel scales.

This ability to unlock the higher resolution option allows far better image scale to be acheived when using the camera with smaller telescopes of around 500mm focal length under typical seeing. In normal mode the pixel scale is well matched to telescopes of approx 1000-1200mm.

The new sensor is a BSI (Back Illuminated) type which offers far lower read noise and higher QE than earlier types. Overally, together with the pixel scal benefits, the new 294M Pro offers the possibility of better results combined with the lower overall cost of a Micro 4/3 sensor. When combined with a QHY filter wheel, 31mm filters are fully illuminated at focal ratios of as low as F3.25!

Model QHY294M Pro (Monochrome)

Sensor IMX492 4/3inch sensor

AR Coating On Sensor Yes

Pixel Size 4.63µm x 4.63µm (Unlocked 2.314µm x 2.314µm)

Effective Pixel Area 4164 x 2796 pixels (Unlocked 8340 x 5644)

Effective Pixels 11.6 mega pixel (Unlocked 47 mega pixel)

Effective Image Area 17.7mm x 13.4mm

Fullwell 65ke-

AD Sample Depth 14bit (output as 16bit and 8bit) in 11.6MP Mode / 12bit (output as 16bit and 8bit) in 47MP Unlock Mode

Full Frame Rate and ROI Frame Rate (11.6MP Mode)

4164*2796 16.5FPS@14BIT
2160lines(eg.4164*2160,4096*2160) 21FPS
lines(eg.4164*2160,1920*2160) 41FPS
960lines(eg.4164*960,1280*960) 46FPS
768lines(eg.4164*768,1024*768) 56FPS
480lines(eg.4164*480,640*480) 87FPS
240lines(eg.4164*240,320*240) 156FPS
100lines(eg.4164*100,240*100) 290FPS
Full Frame Rate and ROI Frame Rate (47MP Mode)
8340*5644 4FPS@14BIT and 8BIT

*Note:QHYCCD has optimized the cmos drive freqency and limit the max frame rate. The CMOS sensor may not work under the maxium frequency to ensure the better noise performance. If you need the customized higher frame rate version please contact us.

Readout Noise 1.6e-1.2e@HGC moe  6.9-5.2e@LGC mode

Dark Current 0.002e/pixel/s@-20C / 0.005e/pixel/s@-10C

Exposure Time Range 60µs-3600sec

Anti-Glow Control Yes

Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter

Computer Interface USB3.0

Built-in Image Buffer 128MByte DDR3 Non-volatile memory

Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler(approx -35C° below ambient)

Anti-Dew Heater Yes Air-proof Chamber with silicon gel tube socket

Telescope Interface M42/0.75 (T2)

Optical Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating

Back Focal Length 17mm (+/- 0.5mm)

Weight 650g

Other Ports 4PIN QHYCFW Port.

Power Supply 12V DC input (Required for TEC use)


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