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EMC Astro S130 Pier System

can be shipped within 30-45 days

Price includes VAT, plus delivery

Why use a normal pier which is of fixed height and permanently fixed to the ground? Why choose a pier which has its position and height fixed for life?

The S130 offers all the performance of a fixed observatory class pier for telescopes up to 40kg but can be moved! The total load is up to 120kg

The S130 provides up to 50-fold higher torsional stiffness compared with the best wooden tripods. Its design allows for different heights, mount types and support for accessories such as a laptop or eyepieces. You can even add wheels to make moving simple!

Engineered and manufactured in Germany.

The basic S130 Pier system shown comprises the pier base (with spikes and spike discs) and a 1000mm column. Other column heights and a range of mount adapter plates and other accessories are available as extras. The pier base can also be offered in stainless steel instead of the standard powder coat finish. Please contact us for more information.


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