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Moravian Instruments C5A-100M with 7 Pos Filter Wheel (IMX461) 3.76µm

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Moravian Instruments C5A-100M CMOS camera uses the Sony IMX461 sensor offering a sensor size of 44mm x 33mm. Moravian cameras are designed with maximum image quality on mind. Camera bodies are compact and robust, CNC manufactured from solid aluminum. Internally the electronics are developed for minimum noise to maximise the gains offered by the latest generation of sensors.

The cooled C5A-100M is powered from an external 12 V DC power supply. This model is equipped with a mechanical shutter and has precise regulated cooling. The C5 series offers enhanced cooling to a regulated 45°C below ambient and absolute maximum of 48°C below ambient. The camera also features its own internal power supplies allowing an input voltage range from 10-14v, however a minimum of 12v is required for effective cooling control.

Scientific users will appreciate the professional build and features of the C5 series. In addition to its mechanical shutter, the C5 features on camera hardware binning up to 2x2 in addition to the normal software binning up to 4x4 that is typical among CMOS cameras. Traditional hardware binning allows for flexibility in sampling among others. Note that if hardware binning is activated, software binning is not available.

Supplied with the C5A-100M is a dedicated 7 position filter wheel supporting 50mm x 50mm square filters. The front mounting as standard is M68, with M85 being available as an option.

All C5 cameras are equipped with 5 Gbps USB 3.0 interface supporting download speeds as little as 0.4sec (2x2) ~ 0.7sec (1x1) when hardware binned at full resolution. The camera is also fully compatible with USB 2.0.

Optional for the C5 series is a GPS connection to allow precise timing of image capture for scientific applications.

Currently no Moravian OAG accessory is offered for the C5. A third party OAG can be used, however we anticipate that the C5 will be used with high end mounting systems that require little to no guiding. In addition the supplied SIPS Imaging software supports conventional guide systems but also inter-image guiding. This uses the main camera sensor to correct tracking between sub frames.

We believe the C5A-100M represents the current state of the art for cameras using the IMX461.

Lead time for the C5 is typically 8 weeks from order.

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