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Track the Stars TTS-160 Top Mount

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The TTS Top Mount is for use with the TTS-160 Panther Head. It then allows mounting of a telescope / binocular on to the top of the mount with the ability to balance it

Adjustable clutch on altitude axle

The Topmount easily installs on the mount head via two conical brass bushings inserted into the ends of the altitude axle. The two lock handles works as clutches that can be released completely when balancing the telescope and locks completely when only running the mount via the motors. If wished the clutches can be set so that the mount can be moved manually and still stays in position.

Dual size dovetail saddle – Vixen & Losmandy size

The top dovetail saddle takes either 3 inch wide (Losmandy style) or Vixen size and locks securely onto the dovetail bar via two brass cylinders. The finger screws are small and compact designed to give the necessary force on the dovetail bar without taking up to much space.

Magnetic handpad  holder

On each side of the Topmount is a magnetic holder for the handpad. Aditional magnetic holders can be delivered if you want to place the handpad elsewhere on the telescope.

Adjustable counterweight slots

The Counter weight slots on each side can receive 2 counterweights.

Included Items

  • Dual Losmandy / Vixen GP format Clamp
  • 2x Magnetic Hand Controller Mounting Points
  • 2x Brass Bushing
  • Fixings
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