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Track the Stars TTS-160 Mini Folding Pier with Adjustable Feet

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Stable, compact, transportable

The Mini Pier makes the TTS-160 Panther mount an extremely transportable  mount system. The low height and short legs makes the pier just as stable as the bigger folding pier.

For astrophotography the minipier can be placed directly on the ground as there is no need to look through the telescope. This will give great stability and lower the influence from wind.

For visual use the minpier can be placed on a stable table or another stable flat surface.

Standard Pier adapter

The Mini Pier receives the standard Pier Adapter for fast and easy installation of the mount head.

It is also possible to install the Pier Extension between Mini Pier and Mount head.

Included Items

  • TTS-160 Folding Pier with Adjustable feet
  • Medium transport bag for Pier
  • NOTE A Pier Adapter is required.
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