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Tecnosky 125/975 F7.8 'OWL' FPL-53 Doublet APO - 2.5" Focuser

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The Tecnosky 125/975 FPL-53 'OWL' Specification Doublet is a bargain in the 5" refractor class. With FPL-53 Super ED glass and a quality 2.5" focuser, the 125 FPL-53 Doublet offers excellent colour correction and is suited to to both observing and a wide range of imaging tasks. The latest OWL varient builds on the success of the original 125 through improved mechanics and a tested optical cell. The optics are gauranteed to offer a minimum 0.95 strehl in the Green / Orange wavelengths and are supplied with a test report.

A F7.8 focal ratio make it suitable for use as a solar scope when fitted with a suitable ERF and rear mounted etalon, thus resulting in an ideal F31.2 when used with a 4x Telescentric. The aluminium tube is fully baffled and fitted with a 2.5" Rack and Pinion focuser with 1:10 fine focusing. The latest OWL versions focuser features several updates with the addition of a second rotation option.

We believe the Tecnosky 125 OWL represents an outstanding value scope. Its compact dimensions make it easy to transport. Its light weight does not place heavy demands on a mount. The 125mm aperture gathers significant light to see all but the faintest of objects. Its excellent colour correction also make it usuable at higher magnifications for planetary observing. It is truly an excellent multi-purpose scope at a very appealing price.

For imaging use we recommend use with either the 2.5" Flat FIeld Corrector or the APM M63 Reducer, both of which make the 125 a competant Astrograph. We can also offer our UXF Focuser kit for the scope to complete the imaging package.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, the 125 works well with small manual mounts and medium sized EQ mounts.

As with all telescopes supplied by Astrograph, the 125/975 is supplied only after careful inspection and being fully collimated.

General Specifications

Type FPL-53 Doublet Apochromat
Aperture 125mm
Focal Length 975mm
F Ratio 7.8
Tube Rings CNC Alloy with handle
Case Included No
Dovetail Vixen GP
Weight 7.6kg


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