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LUNT LS50THa/B400PT H-alpha solar telescope

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The Lunt LS50 is a very compact, complete telescope for observing the sun in H-alpha light. The LS50THa solar telescope offers 50 mm free aperture, 350 mm focal length, and provides a bandwidth of <0.75 Angstrom. The telescope is fitted as standard with the air-pressure tuning system "Pressure-Tuner", with the Etalon safely installed inside the telescope. Prominences and surface detail can quickly be viewed spontaneously. This very portable system is an ideal travel companion for wherever you go. A B400 blocking filter is installed inside the star diagonal. The LS50 presents a full solar disc image on the block that is approx 3mm in diameter. Therefore the B400 offers no disadvantage to the B600 version.

Focusing is achieved by a non-rotating Helical focuser. Please note that this telescope has a small back-focus, therefore solar-imaging is difficult with some types of camera. The LS50THa is really designed for visual solar observing. However use of a Barlow lens will solve this. We recommend the APM 2.7x Photo Visual Barlow.

Double-stacking with a bandwidth of only <0.5 Angstrom is possible by using the additional available LS50C filter. This filter threads directly onto the LS50THa telescope. Double-stacking will provide much more contrast, and more Chromosphere detail on the sun will become visible.

To mount the telescope you will require either the LS100 or LS150 dovetails. We recommend the longer version as this offers the chance of better balance.


Aperture 50mm
Focal Length 350mm
Bandpass <0.75 Angstrom
Tuning Air Pressure Tuning System
Blocking Filter B400
Focuser Non Rotating Helical
Tube Ring Single Collar, 1/4-20 Tapped Base (Photo Tripod)
Length 370mm
Weight 2.1kg



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Lunt Zoom Eyepiece 7.2-21.5mm Lunt Zoom Eyepiece 7.2-21.5mm
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Lunt 50mm Double Stack for LS50 Telescope Lunt 50mm Double Stack for LS50 Telescope
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