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Berlebach UNI 19C Geared Column / TitaniumTripod

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The UNI 19C is a combination of the popular UNI 18 Tripod and the new 'Einsatz 9' geared column. The centre column provides an adjustment range of 39cm. The helical gearing of the centre column acts as an automatic column brake so even with the lock off the column will not 'freefall'. The diameter of the support surface of the plate is 77mm and features a 3/8" screw. The standard model features leg stops at 20°, 35°, 55° and 80°. The model we normally offer customers features a spread stopper to set the leg angle. The specified maximum height relates to a leg spread of approx. 20° and the centre column fully extended.
We recommend this tripod as the ideal companion for the APM 120mm Binoculars and APM Fork Mount. It allows the Binoculars to be mounted at a low level and then raised to a comfortable level.
​The default finish offered is the natural finish as shown above. Other finishes are optional at extra cost. Please contact us for details.
Colour options are as follows:
120_gross Natural
121_gross Nutwood Brown
122_gross Titanium Grey
124_gross Black
The Berlebach UNI 19C is normally ordered to a customers requirements due to the options available.
Weight 7.10kg / 15.65lbs
Packed Length 97cm / 38in
Minimum Height 53cm / 21in
Maximum Height 179cm / 70in
Capacity 20kg / 44.09lbs
Vibration Damping Extremely Good


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