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An ideal addition to the Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742 for imaging the moon and planets. It is best suited for telescopes larger then 10" (250mm) when the seeing is poor. This filter is also an ideal complement to the ProPlanet IR 742 for use with converted DSLR cameras, CCD cameras and Webcams. The effects of seeing are distinctly reduced. It is your entry into previously unknown dimensions of photography of the moon and the planets. The ProPlanet IR 807 only allows infrared light with wavelengths of more than 807 nm to pass. In this wavelength range the effects of seeing are significantly lower than in the visible spectrum of the human eye. This allows much sharper images than are usually obtained from your device and location. Another advantage is that the sky background near twilight is dark and even allows photography of planets and the moon in daylight.

The main use of the Astronomik ProPlanet IR 807 is to cut off the visible part of the spectrum and allow the light of wavelengths longer then 807nm to pass. Thus the part of the spectrum that is most sensitive to bad seeing is rejected. This approach makes a big improvement to the imaging of the moon and planets, with the image being more steady than the image in visible light.

The Astronomik ProPlanet IR 807 was designed to be an addition to the Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742, if the seeing is extremely bad and a larger telescope is used. For most cameras, the exposure time will double compared to the Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742


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