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APM 3.0" R&P Focuser

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APM 3.0" R&P Focuser

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APM Telescopes typically use the world famous and really the world's best Focusers from Starlight Instruments. Such quality has its price. To be able to compete with other manufacturers APM decided to create together with input from Amateurs Astronomers its own series of high end focusers. These offer quality of feel very close to Starlight, but at a much lower price level.

This focuser has been designed to offer connection to telescopes with common threads. At the end of the focuser, the common thread of M68 is used, allowing easy fitting of many common accessories including a 2.5" field flattener. Input from imagers resulted in the focuser having a high load capacity with zero tilt. Our focusers does not use ballbearing supports which tend to tilt, our focusers use a teflon support which guarantee a complete lack of play due to heavy loads.

The focuser attaches to the tube using a 115x1 ID thread. Thread adapters to this size can be provided.

The focuser is supplied with

Adapter M78x1 OD to M82x1 ID (This allows direct connection with the APM Large Reducer or Flattener which use M82). This adapter is separate.

Adapter M78x1 OD to M74x1 OD / M68x1 ID (M68 is a common adapter and allows direct connection to the 2.5" Flattener)

Adapter M74x1 ID to 2" with brass clamp and 3 set screws

Adapter 2" to 1 1/4"

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2 - 2 of 22 results