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Optec FocusLynx with QuickSync Motor Focus for Starlight FT3545

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Optec FocusLynx with QuickSync Motor Focus for Starlight FT3545

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Optec has developed the FocusLynx FT system as an advanced multi-focuser control system. Expanding upon the TCF-Lynx development project, Optec engineers designed the ingenious QuickSync FT add-on motor assembly with an improved gear engagement system. The QuickSync motor, coupled with the FocusLynx Controller, provides an easy-to-install and operate digital focusing solution that retains the capability of manual focusing when at the telescope. The QuickSync FT is the best dual purpose motorised solution for both visual and imaging astronomers.

Coupled with the FocusLynx controller, QuickSync can be used in both manual and automatic focusing modes. Fully ASCOM compliant, Optec's FocusLynx Commander software works in conjunction with higher level client software such as FocusMax and Maxim D/L as well as CCDSoft and TheSky X to provide auto-focusing for a wide variety of manual focusers.

The Kit includes;

Quicksync Motor Unit

Focuslynx Controller


PSU, Cables and Software

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18 - 18 of 19 results