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ZWO ASI174 USB 3.0 Camera Mono (IMX174) 5.86µm

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The ASI174MM CMOS Monochrome Imaging Camera is based on the Sony Pregius IMX174 2.35MP sensor with global shutter. The IMX174 1/1.2” Sony CMOS image sensor, with a 5.86µm unit pixel in a 1936 x 1216 array, has a lot of advantages when used for taking high quality solar, lunar, planetary, and deep sky object images.

Pregius Global Shutter function with analog memory permits the scanning of all pixels simultaneously. The Sony IMX174’s global shutter function provides improved image quality by making sure images of moving objects avoid focal plane distortion. This is especially helpful when performing solar or lunar imaging. Bad seeing, wind, or movement can alter the image if the readout speed is not quick enough (< 30fps). Sony Pregius technology uses column-parallel A/D conversion for high speed processing, low noise, and low power dissipation.

ROI, or Region of Interest Mode lets you capture up to 16 areas inside the effective pixels. This ability allows for even higher frame rates. High speed imaging with a max of 164.5 fps with 10 bit ADC, and max of 128.2 fps with 12 bit ADC

The ZWO ASI174MM Monochrome CMOS Camera seems like a natural progression from the ASI120MM-S. It comes with high speed USB 3.0 port, standard 2″ M42 x 0.75 internal thread interface, 0.25″ tripod thread mount on the rear, an AR window and an ST4 Guide Port. With the ST4 Guide Port, you can use 3rd party software, like Maxim LD or PHD, to guide your mount for longer exposures. This camera can be used on just about any telescope and mount. The dimensions of the ASI USB 3.0 aluminum body are 62mm x 36mm.

Included with the ASI174 are

1 x ZWO ASI USB 3.0 Camera Body

1 x M42-1.25″ nosepiece

1 x 1.25″ Dust Cap

1 x 2m long USB cable

1 x 2m long ST4 guider cable

1 x Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC & Linux Compatible)


Sensor: 1/1.2″ CMOS IMX174LLJ / IMX174LQJ

Resolution: 2.3Mega Pixels 1936×1216

Pixel Size: 5.86µm

Exposure Rage: 32µs-1000s

Supported Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0 (Quoted maximum frame rates only available via USB3

Bit rate: 12bit output(12bit ADC)

Adaptor: 2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75

Dimensions: φ62mm X 41mm

Weight: 140g

Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C

Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%

Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%

Supported Resolutions

Binning 1×1: 12bit ADC: 1936X1216@128FPS 640×480@309FPS 320×240@577FPS Binning 2×2: 968×608@128FPS

Binning 1×1: 10bit ADC: 1936X1216@164FPS 640×480@397FPS 320×240@740FPS

Binning 2×2: 968×608@164FPS

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