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Tecnosky Cubo

Tecnosky Cubo

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The Tecnosky Cubo is a small alt-azimuth mount made in Italy. It was inspired by the Tecnosky eLLe Alt-Az mount and uses the same clutch system. This uses 3 ball bearings which is adjustable for tension to allow easy setting of the correct freedom of movement for your particular telescope.

The mount features a standard 3/8" fixing for use on photo or astronomy based tripods. A maximum load with a photo tripod should not go beyond 5-6kg while an astronomy type will allow 8-9kg using compact tubes

A 20mm steel counterweight shaft is also provided to permit optimum balance and also increase maximum capacity to approximatley 12kg.

Designed into the stylish body are two 1.25" recesses to provide a convenient place to locate eyepieces

The mount is not supplied with a saddle clamp, M6 fixing holes at the standard 35mm spacing are provided to allow mounting of common Vixen GP and Losmandy compatible saddle clamps.

Additional accessories for the Cubo include counterweights and also the Tecnosky Half Pier which adds useful height to prevent a longer telescope from hitting tripod legs when observing at high angles.

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