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Tecnosky 234mm F7.8 Doublet Achromat with 2.7" Focuser

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Tecnosky has developed a large 234mm (224mm Clear Aperture) long focus achromatic refractor for wide field deep-sky observation and photography in narrow band, including solar.

The lens is composed of an air spaced doublet with multi-layer anti-reflection coatings; the lenses are housed in an aluminum collimatable cell. The tube is made in Italy, from anti-corroding 3mm aluminum and is fitted with internal baffles. The focuser is a smooth 2.7" from Tecnosky. Total weight including the supplied Losmandy dovetail is only 27kg.

Tests have confirmed very good global optical correction and a very modest chromaticity that permits high resolution observation on the Moon, Planets and Double Stars. Observation on Saturn and the Moon at over 300x produced good image quality and typical of that expected from a refractor.

On deep sky targets it provides very bright images, like an good 30cm reflector, but with a much higher contrast and sharpness. For example, M13 explodes in an infinity of tiny stars even at low magnifications.

This refractor is very well suited for solar applications. For H-Alpha use we can offer a 235mm front mounted ERF for ultimate performance or a special cell to allow a Baader 75mm DERF to be mounted internally. An example of this in combination with a PST etalon can be seen above.

Please note that as this is a custom made scope there is a short lead time to allow for tube manufacture.


Objective 234mm (224mm Clear) F7.8
Focal Length 1200mm
Surface Accuracy (not worse than) 1/4 Lamda @ 632nm
Surface Quality (not worse than) 60-40 Scratch Dig
Tube 3mm Aluminium Baffled
Focuser 2.7"
Test Report Supplied


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