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TEC 160 F7 APO CaF2 Fluorite Oilled Triplet APO Refractor

TEC 160 F7 APO CaF2 Fluorite Oilled Triplet APO Refractor

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NOTE: Orders for TEC Telescopes are subject to a lead time of up to 6 months if we have no stock. All orders placed require a 30% deposit with order.

The TEC 160 is an exceptional Apochromatic Refractor that builds on the design of the 140 but with a different optical design that replaces its FPL-53 Super Low Dispersion glass for exotic CaF2 Calcium Fluorite. This, together with the oil spaced design results in a refractor with very high light transmission and exceptional colour correction.

Equally suited to Imaging in addition to Observing, the TEC 160 can be fitted with a Field Flattener or Reducer. The telescope is supplied as standard with the excellent TEC / Starlight 3.5" focuser which can cope with almost any camera load. The focuser may also be motorised for more demanding imaging applications..

Due to the limited production of such scopes, a lead time following order should be expected. Please contact us to learn more.

Aperture 160mm
Focal Length 1120mm
Focuser Type TEC / Starlight 3.5" (FT3545)
Focuser Load 5.5kg
Minimum Length 1000mm
Tube Diameter 163mm
Dewsheild Diameter 202mm
Weight, including Rings 12.3kg
Backfocus 180mm
Tube Rings Included
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