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Tecnosky 130 F6.6 Triplet APO 3" Focuser

Tecnosky 130 F6.6 Triplet APO 3" Focuser

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The Tecnosky 130/860 is an excellent triplet apochromat featuring an FPL-53 element in a collimatable cell. The alloy tube is baffled and flocked and is fitted with the same 3" focuser as used on the APM 107/700. The focuser can be combined with the Lunatico motor focus kits for full autofocus operation.

Thanks to its good design and use of super low dispersion glass, the 130/860 offers a fast F6.6 aperture. When combined with the APM Riccardi Reducer it becomes a 130/645 F4.96 flat field Astrograph of outstanding performance.

General Specifications

Type FPL-53 Triplet Apochromat
Aperture 130mm
Focal Length 860mm
F Ratio 6.6
Tube Rings CNC Alloy
Case Yes
Dovetail Vixen GP
Weight 13kg
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