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Tecnosky 100Q F5.8 Quadruplet APO 3" Focuser

Tecnosky 100Q F5.8 Quadruplet APO 3" Focuser

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Excellent Quadruplet Apochromatic refractor with FPL-53 element and flat image field of 49mm diameter. The 100Q features a fast focal ratio of F5,8 making it ideal for deep-sky astrophotography with DSLRs and CCD cameras. The quadruplet lens design provides an inherent flat field so there is no specific back focus. Just mount your camera, focus it and shoot. The 100Q is fitted with an excellent quality 3" R&P focuser identical to the one used on the APM 107/700 and compatible with the Lunatico motor focus kits.

The scope is supplied folling a full PDI at Astrograph Ltd including a star test.

General Specifications

Type Flat Field Quadruplet Apochromat
Aperture 100mm
Focal Length 580mm
F Ratio 5.8
Tube Rings CNC Alloy
Case Yes
Dovetail Vixen GP
Weight 5.3kg


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