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Solar System Imaging Calculator - Excel

Solar System Imaging Calculator - Excel

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The Solar System Imaging Calculator is a simple Excel spreadsheet designed to help you choose and use the right camera for imaging Solar System objects.

Simply enter your telescopes aperture and native focal length, then add the barlow factor. The spreadsheet will then calculate the various sampling rates including the standard optimum of 3 pixels / arc sec of resolution. Note that for colour cameras it is recommended to choose a camera with half the recommended pixel size as 4 pixels are required to reproduce a colour image.

In addition the spreadsheet includes a data link to update the current distances to the planets. By inputting the relavent planets data, you will also see the time limit for imaging an object before its rate of rotation causes blurring. Again this assumes the optimum 3 pixels / arc sec of resolution.

This calculator is free for distribution but is locked and cannot be edited.

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