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Paramount MX+ 45kg Imaging Capacity

Paramount MX+ 45kg Imaging Capacity

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The Paramount MX + mount can be deployed remotely and remote controlled in both portable and fixed deployments. It features two USB2.0 ports on the instrument panel. A Fourth generation controller with USB port for PC Calibrated polar alignment adjustment, 2 stainless steel counterweights and V2A counterweight bar carries telescopes up to a complete weight of 45 kg (depending on the overall length) for a mount weight of only 23 kg. It features a maximum 7 arc seconds screw error "peak-to-peak", even before PEC and a versatile adapter plate that can accommodate virtually any accessory. It Includes a power supply and cable.


Drive belts eliminate gear play and hence backlash virtually completley. The Non-slip design allows permanent T-Point model and thus consistently high positioning accuracy. Positioning accuracy is on average 30 arc seconds (with TPoint software support). All electronics and cable entry is in the mount, with enough space for additional cables.


MKS 5000 Technical specifications:


The MKS 5000 is a 4th generation controller with USB port for PC and the MX + mount with direct USB communication between mount and control computer and a USB hub for the control of DSLR, Guider or CCD cameras. For control without software the simplest operation is via the mini joystick on the included handset.


Control system and electronics


USB2.0 interface for controlling with TheSkyX Professional Edition on Mac OS X and Windows (7 / Vista / XP, 32- and 64-bit) USB hub with 2 ports, near the tube end where it makes the most sense. The motor position is analyzed 3333x per second, allowing for optimal tracking accuracy and smooth, continuous pans at all speeds Tracking and panning are immediately interrupted when the mount detects an attack on a solid object. The single-board electronics require a minimal number of components and therefore have small dimensions.


Features of the Paramount MX+


Handset - The hand controller has a variable speed miniature joystick and a five position switch which allows one hand operation. A bright red LED, suspension loop and spiral cable for mounting.

Programmable PEC with extended aperiodic error curve approximation is realised via TheSkyX Professional Edition.

ST4 Autoguider port on the instrument panel

Integrated 12V and 5V outputs for power of equipment.

Freely configurable software limits via TheSkyX Professional Edition)

Brushless DC servo motors

Maximum slew and tracking rate is 6° per second in RA and DEC (Default 5.4° / s).


The gear reducers and the screw block of the Paramount MX + are designed particularly efficient, so there is hardly any power loss between motor and axle. AutoHomeT's homing capability (under an arc-second accuracy) with integrated sensors in each axis ensure that the mount always knows its location, even after power interruptions.


Configurable parking position audible feedback indicates normal operation or errors. Slew and tracking rates can be set with 56-bit accuracy. This allows the RA and DEC motors to be set to 0 to 4000 revolutions per minute, allowing for comets and asteroid tracking. Even LEO (low earth orbit) satellites are trackable.


Single-stage belt-driven screws reduce backlash to barely measurable values ​​(less than 2 arc sec for both axis), making autoguider calibration a breeze. An integrated temperature sensor automatically reduces the slew rate when temperatures drop.


Soft Reboot. The control system can be restarted purely via software, it does not have to be manually switched off and on again.


Software included:


TheSkyX Professional Edition for MAC, Windows, Linux, Raspbian OS

TheSky Pro TPoint Add On for MAC, Windows, Linux, Raspbian OS

TheSky Pro Camera Add On for MAC, Windows, Linux, Raspbian OS Multi-OS and Six License Add On

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