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Paramount ME II 109kg Imaging Capacity


Paramount ME II 109kg Imaging Capacity

can be shipped within 30-45 days

Price includes VAT, plus delivery

The Paramount ME II is the evolution of the original Paramount ME mount with higher load capacity and improved performance. Features include;


The ME II has a maximum 7 arc second periodic "Peak to Peak" screw error, without PEC correction. When PEC is applied, as little as 1 arcsec is possible.

Positioning accuracy 30 arc seconds or better with T-Point.

The rear of the mount features a USB 2.0 hub with two ports on the instrument panel for easy connection of accessories.

Completely redesigned MKS 5000 controller features 2 USB ports for PC

Calibrated polar alignment adjustment device

Paramount 3" Versa Plate

Drive belts eliminate gear play practically completely

Carries telescopes up to a total weight of 109 kg (depending on the length)

Mount weight of 38 kg

Supplied with 2 x 14 kg counterweights

Internal wiring through the polar axis with plenty of room for additional accessory cables

Non-slip drive design allows permanent T-Point model and thus consistently high positioning accuracy

Both axes are absolutely backlash-free through belt drive of the final drives

Positioning and tracking up to three hours past the meridian is possible


The Paramount ME II is optionally available with factory installed encoders in RA and DEC. Encoders on only the RA or RA and DEC can also be retrofitted into existing ME II mounts, however, this requires a return shipment to the US. In addition to the costs for the encoders and fitting are additional costs for shipping, insurance, customs clearance, import, cost and handling fee. If you are interested, please contact us.


Software included


The SkyX Professional Edition

TPoint Add On

Camera Add On Multi-OS and Six License Add On for Mac and Windows

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