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T2 Tilt Adapter with Spherical Joint

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Tilt adapters are an important addition to any imaging setup. When solar imaging H-Alpha imaging configurations can suffer from Newton Rings or interference fringes caused by the flat optical surfaces in the imaging train. If the camera is set at an angle to the optical axis the interference pattens can be eliminated.

In deep sky imaging, cameras can suffer from badly aligned sensors or from focuser tilt. Use of a tilt adapter can correct for this and produce images with sharp stars in all corners.

This tilt adaptor incorporates a spherical joint between the 2 flanges:- This prevents light from entering the optical path which can be an issue in other 2 flange adaptors. The centre of rotation of the joint is designed to be close to the surface of the chip, therefore the camera remains on or very close to the optical centre when tilted . The adaptor can be set from 0-8 degrees of tilt. The adaptor has a female T-thread on the front side and a Male T-thread on the camera side.

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