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12V 10A Power Supply with 9 Outputs

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This 12V 10A power supply is ideal for use in observatory installs where there are multiple 12V components. On the back it features 8 x 12V/2A outputs, ideal for powering all those small accessories. In our observatory rack builds, these might be devices like Dragonfly, Cloudwatcher, Solo and Monitoring Camera. Then on the scope there could be a Dew Controller and Motorised Dew Cap. In addition to the 2A output there is a 12V/4A. This is useful for powering a camera and focuser. In a remote install we might use a single cable then split the feed on the scope to these two devices.

The power supply has independently fused outputs. In the event of a problem the fuse will trip but reset once the problem is cleared. Status of each output is visible on the front of the power supply, as is a visible display of the voltage and current being drawn.

Because of the potentially high load the power supply is fan cooled. This fan is quite loud but necessary.

The Power Supply is 485mm wide and is supplied with Rack ears to permit mounting in a 19" cabinet. The unit occupies a height of 65mm (1.5U) and depth of 230mm. All rear connections are via removable terminal blocks

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