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Astronomica 2m x 2m Observatory with Motorised Roof

Astronomica 2m x 2m Observatory with Motorised Roof

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The Astro Booth is an ultra simple observatory with a clever roof design which opens in sections that stack on top of each other. This has the benefit of not requiring any kind of support to hold the roof like a traditional roll off roof. It therefore gives you much more freedom of placement as a space equivalent to the size of the roof does not need to be allowed for.

The observatory is designed to be home assembled. It consists of a galvanised steel base which is bolted together. On to this is fitted a 15mm Marine Ply floor. The centre of the frame allows for a pier. The walls consist of aluminium panels. The roof is supplied in three sections that are motorised. A simple open close switch is supplied. For automation of the roof we recommend the addition a Lunatico Dragonfly.



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