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Lunatico Solo Computer

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The Solo is a tiny computer customized to control your Cloudwatcher system 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

It features the following;

It has very low power requirements of less than 2W. It is ideal for remote observatories having an integrated web server, so you can check your observatory's weather from any part of the world. The information read from the AAG Cloudwatcher is made available to any computer on the same network, so you can use the Cloudwatcher application that is on your imaging PC 'Remote' mode, to listen to the Cloudwatcher status that is fed to the Solo. This then allows programs with safety monitors to react as required to unsafe events. When the PC is shutdown, Solo keeps the Cloudwatcher active and allows you to continue to monitor the weather. Needless to say if your PC suffers a crash or other failure, unsafe signals from the Cloudwatcher can still be monitored as the Solo keeps the Cloudwatcher operationg independently. The relay signal if connected to a Dragonfly or Talon will close the roof / dome and put the mount into park.

The Solo is a very useful add-on to the Cloudwatcher weather monitoring system, and while not necessary to make it work, allows for very useful redundancy. We recommend its use in all remote installations.

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