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Gemini Integra 85 Focuser / Rotator

Gemini Integra 85 Focuser / Rotator

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The Gemini Integra 85 is an exceptional motorised focuser offering ultra fine focusing in 0.05 micorn steps. To add to its versitility it also has motorised rotation making it an ideal focuser for use in remote systems. It is arguabley the best vaue precision focuser on the market today.

The Integra is very compact and only occupies 69mm of back focus. It is controlled and powered by the supplied Lunatico Armadillo controller which is full ASCOM compatible. As an option it can be supplied with the Lunatico Platypus Controller which offers an additional COM port and Ethernet capability.

Also supplied with the Integra are custom front and back plate adapters to allow fitting to your telescope and camera. Please specify your requirments at the time of ordering. The telescope side of the focuser is also fully collimatable to ensure perfect alignment

With its relativley light weight of only 2.3kg, the Integra does not add significant load to you mount or existing tube assembley. We recommend this focuser as a particularly good upgrade for the GSO Ritchey Chretien Telescopes we supply. Obviously they are equally well suited to any of the Telescopes we offer.



Weight 2.3kg
Inner Focuser Diameter 85mm
Maximum Dimensions (excludes adapters) 185mm x 185mm x 69mm
Backfocus 69mm +/- 5mm
Load Capacity (50mm from focuser end) 8kg*
Load Capacity (100mm from focuser end) 5kg*
Rotator Torque 3.5nm Unbalanced
Focuser Precision 0.053 micron
Focuser Steps 188000
Rotator Precision 21 arc sec per step / 171.66 Step / Degree


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