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Fornax 10 Lightrack II 5-7kg Load - EX DISPLAY STOCK TURNOVER

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This Fornax Lightrack has been used as our demonstrator and is now being cleared as part of a normal stock turn policy.

The Fornax 10 LighTrack II is new bread of portable tracking mount whose accuracy puts it in a league of its own. Capturing pin sharp stars with a simple, lightweight mount has never been easier. It offers the best value for money of any portable mount without compromise.

Typically exposures taken using a DSLR camera are 6 minutes or less. This length of exposure, even with short focal length lenses can result in tracking error and elongated stars becoming visible. The new LighTrack II has an amazing unguided peak to peak tracking error of sub 2 arc seconds. Incredible for such a small, portable mount and far superior to even exotic, high capacity mounts.

The image of the Rosette Nebula was taken using the Lightrack. It is a stack of 4 x 5 minute exposures using a Tecnosky AG 70 Astrograph with ZWO ASI1600 Colour Camera. This was taken unguided although the Lightrack also has an ST4 connection to allow guiding in the RA axis.

To ensure this level of accuracy, all LighTrack mounts are calibrated at the factory and supplied with a test report and guaranteed to provide high accuracy and reliability for years to come. The secret to the LighTracks high performance is its precision motor and unique friction drive format. It offers user selectable tracking rate for Sidereal, Solar, Lunar and Half Sidereal for when you want to try and combine a terrestrial foreground with a celestial target.

The LighTrack requires a wedge and head to operate as a complete mount. We recommend either the Tele-Optic or Mini Wedge for lighter systems or the Fornax FW-200 for higher capacity. For heads. all types from Ball Heads to Alt-Az heads can be used if they have a 3/8" female thread.





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