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Fornax 100 inc MC3 Controller 80kg Imaging Capacity

Fornax 100 inc MC3 Controller 80kg Imaging Capacity

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The Fornax F100 is German Equatorial type mount. It is intended for fixed observatory use and has an imaging capacity of 80kg, and observational capacity of 100kg excluding counterweights. The mount is composed of aluminium alloycast aluminium, bronze and stainless steel construction and overall build quality is of a standard expected from a performance mount such as this.

The periodic error of the F100 is typically < +/- 6 arc seconds. This can be improved to a very low +/- 0.5 seconds when fitted with the optional Telescope Drive Master Encoder.

Drive Control

The Fornax F100 is supplied with the Ursa Minor Drive Controller. This is responsible for controlling the stepper motors for slewing, positioning and tracking.

The Ursa Minor itself is given commands via either a computer running planetarium software or via a hand held remote control. For the latter, Ursa Minor offer their own handset, however the controller is also compatible with the popular SkyWatcher SynScan controller.

Apart from the initial configuration of the controller, use of a handset does not require any involvement from a PC to operate the mount.

As standard the Ursa Minor is compatible with ASCOM and can therefore interface to any other software or device that supports this standard. Autoguiding is fully supported.

From Astrograph Ltd, the F100 is supplied with 2 x 10kg stainless steel counterweights. These are available seperatley for £199.00 each.

General Specifications

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 300x400x400mm
Axis Diameter 80mm Eloxed Aluminium Alloy
Ball Bearing Diameter 125 mm (precision tapered roller bearings in X arrangement)
Worm Gear Diameter 242.5 mm, 1.25 Modul, Bronze, 192 cogs
Worm Diameter 27.5 mm, hardened, ground, stainless steel (KO13)
Stepper Motors Bipolar 200 steps/rotation , 1,3 Nm (400 step for F52)
Periodic Error < +/-6 arc,  (Using TDM  < +/-0.5 arc)
Couterweight Shaft 42.7mm( 1'' KO33 pipe ) x 570 mm
Max Load 70kg


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