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Celestron x0.7 Reducer for EdgeHD 1400 SCT

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The new  EdgeHD x0.7  Reducer Makes Your EdgeHD 1400 One Full F-Stop Faster Than f10, Reducing Your Exposure Time by One-Half to Capture the Same Brightness of Object. It converts the focal length from 3910mm to 2737mm and changes the focal ratio from f11 to f7.

5-element lens design

Maintains similar flat-field performance as native Edge HD optical design

Increases Field of View by 43% to Better Capture Wide Field Images

Threads Directly onto the 3.25" threads of the EdgeHD which Reduces Mechanical Vignetting and Allows for use with Larger (Full Frame) Sensors and Off-Axis Guiders

Maintains the Identical 146mm Back Focus When Used at F/11 and Provides Generous Back Focus to Accommodate Additional Accessories and Wide Variety of Cameras Allows Use of Existing EdgeHD T-adapters with or without the Reducer Lens

See this product information form for details about fitting the reducer here


Product Note Status Price
SC (3.25" UNC) Celestron T Adapter for EdgeHD 925/1100/1400 SC (3.25" UNC) Celestron T Adapter for EdgeHD 925/1100/1400
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