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Celestron x0.7 Reducer for EdgeHD 1100 SCT

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The new  EdgeHD x0.7  Reducer makes your EdgeHD 1100 an F7 scope with increased field of view. This reduces exposure time, nd thereby places less demands on your mounts guiding. It converts the focal length from 2800mm to 1960mm and changes the focal ratio from F/10 to F/7.

5-element lens design

Maintains similar flat-field performance as native Edge HD optical design

Increases Field of View by 43% to better capture wide field images

Threads directly onto the 3.25" threads of the EdgeHD which reduces mechanical vignetting and allows for use with larger sensors and off-xxis guiders

Maintains the Identical Back Focus of 146mm when used at F/10 to accommodate additional accessories and a wide variety of cameras. It also allows use of existing EdgeHD T-adapters with or without the Reducer Lens

An information sheet on use and connection of the reducer for the Edge 1100 can be seen be selecting this link


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SC (3.25" UNC) Celestron T Adapter for EdgeHD 925/1100/1400 SC (3.25" UNC) Celestron T Adapter for EdgeHD 925/1100/1400
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