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Nite Devil Ultra-Low Light CCTV Camera

Nite Devil Ultra-Low Light CCTV Camera

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The Nite Devil is a colour camera with an ultra sensitive sensor capable of recoding images at light levels down to 0.00019 lux! To give you an idea of just how dark this is see the following table. One of the images above is dark showing a PC screen with a camera image on it. In front of this screen is the actual telescope! That is how sensitive this camera is! The power light from equipment is enough illumination for this camera to be able to 'see in the dark'.

Sunlight 107,527 lux
Full Daylight 10,752 lux
Overcast Day 1,075 lux
Very Dark Day 107 lux
Twilight 10.8 lux
Deep Twilight 1.08 lux
Full Moon 0.108 lux
Quarter Moon 0.0108 lux
Starlight 0.0011 lux

As you can see this camera is literally capable of seeing in the dark. Unlike most CCTV cameras that are intended for night time use, the Nite Devil relies only on its sensor. It does not illuminate the area with IR light. This is especially important in astronomy applications as this could interfere with images. When required to operate at very low light levels the camera switches to mono operation.

Due to its extreme sensitivity, the Nite Devil has its own setup menu which can be accessed via menu buttons on its back. The camera is fitted as standard with a 3.6mm lens. Even positioned relatively close to the telescope it is capable of offering a wide filed of view allowing you to see exactly what is going on.

The Nite Devil is an analogue camera and has a simple 'pig tail' connection of a BNC and DC Socket for power. We recommend its use with this analogue Balun for long cable runs using a Cat 5 type cable.

Supplied with the Nite Devil is a small bracket to permit wall or ceiling mounting of the camera.

To view the camera, several options are available. The simplest is to use an analogue input card to your PC. These are simple vide to USB devices that allow direct connection to a PC. Alternatively you can connect the camera to a DVR. This will allow monitoring of the image remotely by browser or even phone and tablet. A DVR can also record or alert you to movement.

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