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Baader Planetarium 2" Cool Ceramic Safety Wedge inc ND3 and Continuum Filter

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The Baader Planetarium 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism is the classic way to observe and image the sun. The Baader Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism is superior in resolution and contrast to the best front mounted glass objective white filters. It provides a true white-light view and does not filter any visual wavelengths.

The The Baader Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism uses a precision 2" Zeiss wedge prism, and incorporates a permanently pre-installed ND3.0 filter in the wedge housing. Waste energy is sent through Baader's innovative Light Trap. Baader Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism Features: The latest version incorporates an innovative Light Trap developed by Baader Planetarium. This development takes the Herschel Wedge into the 21st Century, by rendering the output energy cool and diffused!

In some other Herschel Wedge designs, the waste energy is simply deflected out of the rear face of the prism by an angled mirror. Though quite safe with careful use, the user still had to be aware not to place any object (or body part..) into this output beam (and to prevent any casual onlooker from carelessly staring up into the beam). Thanks to Baader Planetarium, this concern has now been completely removed. In place of the typical output mirror is a coated multi-layered perforated steel screen. The bright light and heat energy are harmlessly diffused. Even after prolonged observations through large refractors, the light trap remains cool. You can even place a hand below the output and no heat can be felt (also, no tempting or hazardous bright output for careless eyes to see).

Note: A Herschel Wedge is only for use with Refracting Telescope unless otherwise advised. Use with either the Baader Triband SCT or Airylab HaT reflecting telescopes is permitted.

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