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Baader 10x60 Vario Finder / Guidescope Kit with Bracket

Baader 10x60 Vario Finder / Guidescope Kit with Bracket

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Baader Vario-Finder 10x60 (#2957460) with the addition of MQR IV Quick Release finder bracket #2457030

The Baader Vario-Finder is a truly multipurpose instrument. It is a premium finderscope, a spotting scope, a guidescope or a truly go-anywhere portable telescope. It comes with a T-2 prism to which you can add many additional parts. You could add the 1¼ focusing eyepiece clamp (#2458125) and use this versatile instrument as a high quality spotting scope. The lens of the Vario-Finder is made for high magnification work. The optical design is based on the famous Carl Zeiss C-lens and is tested to provide a clean airy disc at up to 120x magnification. This little 61mm aperture telescope is much more than just a finder. It is designed to be whatever you need in your astro career, a finder, a guider, a high magnification spotting scope, a little travel companion astro telescope.

The 2957460 Baader Vario-Finder 10x60 consists of:

- Vario-Finder 250mm Focal Length

- 61mm F4.1 Astro quality lens

- T-2 45° erecting prism

- 25mm eyepiece with illuminated measuring reticle

- EQ dovetail/tripod adapter.

MQR IV Quick Release finder bracket:

This well constructed Bracket fits all 60mm Finder Scopes (max.Diam 72mm) with dovetail, such as Vixen, Synta, Celestron etc.

Vario Finder features:

High quality objective lens of 61mm clear aperture, 250mm focal length with Phanton GroupTM coating.

Knurled lens-locking ring (removeable) for 12mm coarse focusing.

Sliding focuser with 35mm travel and 4 set-screws to firmly lock when using heavy CCD-guiding cameras

31.7mm captive eyepiece holder with brass clamp-ring and 3 thumb screws.

45° erecting prism with 31.7mm nosepiece and T-2 thread, accepts Baader and third party T-2 accessories.

25mm POLARIS I guiding eyepiece with illuminated measuring reticle and 0.5mm increments

EQ-Dovetail bar (removeable) to fit common telescope mounts, threaded 1/4" x 20 to adapt onto any photographic tripod.


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