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Baader Planetarium TZ-4 Solar Telecentric

Baader Planetarium TZ-4 Solar Telecentric

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The Baader TZ-4 is optimized for the use in H-alpha filter systems. It has no field curvature and is therefore also ideal for solar imaging applications. It provides 4x magnification and is optimised for use with a telescope of 800mm focal length although it may be used successfully with focal lengths both longer and shorter.

The Baader telecentric system extends the focal length of a refractor without compromizing its optical performace on or off axis. The focal plane is free of field curvature.

Its primary application is for solar H-Alpha observation and photography. When used with a suitable scope it provides the required F28 plus needed for rear mounted H-alpha filters such as our Daystar Quantum, ION and new Quark Combo ranges.

Although it is not designed for use outside of solar applications as the coatings employed are designed to reject other wavelengths than Ha, this telecentrics exceptional inherent performance can deliver very good results in Lunar and Planetary applications .


Telescope side connection: T2 thread female

Camera side connection: T2 thread male

Aplanatic design with 4x extension of the focal length and free of field curvature

Designed and built by Carl Zeiss for the H-alpha wavelength with 99% Strehl @ 656.3 nm - no other telecentric system offers this performance.

Specific design back focus of 220 mm working distance from the last lens


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