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Baader Planetarium 0.4x Solar Tele-Compressor

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The Baader 0.4x Tele-Compressor is a specialist reducer for use with rear mounted solar filter systems made by Solar Spectrum. These systems require parallel light to pass through the etalon for optimum results.

As this can limit the field of view available a reducer is often beneficial to increase field of view and reduce the visibility of seeing effects. Conventional reducers do not work correctly with tele-centric light beams. The Baader Tele-Compressor is therefore specially designed to work with these systems and permit distortion / vignette free views for imaging and visual use.

The tele-compressor features dual 2" (SC) male threads. This allows it to be fitted directly to Solar Spectrum filters. The reducer can be used with other filters. Please contact us for advice on the adaption required.

This tele-compressor has a specific back focus at which it provides a 16mm corrected field. By changing the back focus it is also possible to further reduce the magnification to 0.3x.

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