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ASA 2" SCT Reducer 0.77x

ASA 2" SCT Reducer 0.77x

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The ASA 2" Schmidt Cassegrain Reducer Corrector is the perfect partner for your Celestron 'C' range telescope. It has a multiplier of 0.77x thereby making an F10 SCT operate as an F7.7 with a corresponding 0.77x reduction in focal length.

The backfocus requiremnet is typically 97mm. At this point the corrector provides a fully corrected 22mm image circle making it ideal for use with the KAF-8300 sensor and usable with some vignetting with a larger APS size sensor.

The Corrector features M48 threads front and back for easy attachment to you telescope and camera.

Please note this corrector is not suitable for use with Meade ACF or Celestron Edge SCT's due to their non standard design.


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