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ASA DDM85 Premium Direct Drive EQ Mount 100kg Load

ASA DDM85 Premium Direct Drive EQ Mount 100kg Load

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The DDM85 is ASA's workhorse for professional Astrophotographers. The DDM85 Premium is designed for high load Observatory operation

ASA's DDM85 mount has already received praise from acclaimed astrophotographers worldwide. Many of them have completely abandoned extra auto-guiders and therefore don´t have to sort through a variety of images any more. Many DDM85 series mounts are used in remote installations. Since the DEC can be separated from the RA axis, the DDM85 can be transported with ease. An important factor when choosing a high capacity mount. All power and data cables are internally wired through a large dimensional hollow axle. The DDM85 Premium is design for use with an equatorial pier (optional) rendering meridian flips obsolete.

The DDM85 series is available in three different models:

BASIC: This has an imaging capacity of 45kg (100 lbs) . Mounted on a moveable base plate, a fast polar alignment can be conducted using 4 adjustment screws. The screws can easily be fastened by hand and are also big enough to use at night. It is only available in 12V form.

STANDARD: Imaging capacity 65kg (143 lbs). The standard version uses the DDM85's traditional polar height cradle. It is available in 12V or 24V versions

PREMIUM: This model has a much higher imaging capacity of 100kg (220 lbs). It is designed to be used with a custom made equatorial pier and uses a 24V Power Source

The tracking accuracy of the DDM85 is outstanding. Guiding systems are normally unecessary and can actually make tracking worse when used with the DDM85. This is impressively demonstrated through testing. Tracking without correction via autoguider over a period of one hour shows 0.68” peak to peak and 0.18” RMS, respectively. The setup used for this record was: ASA DDM85 and ASA 16N OK3


To confirm the superior performance of ASA Mounts, we keep an ASA based demonstration system at our hosting partner e-Eye. This system is based upon an ASA N250 Astrograph and ASA DDM85 Basic Mount. This allows us to demonstrate the superiority and simplicity of an ASA system and its guide free performance. Please contact us if you are interested in experiencing the performance these systems offer.

Supplied with the DDM85 Premium are:

1pc Autoslew Control Software
1pc Sequence Imaging Software
1pc 17kg Counterweight
1pc 34kg Counterweight
1pc 600mm Counterweight Shaft
1pc 600mmx30mm Telescope Support Plate
1pc 24V PSU
2pc USB 2.0 Cable (3m)
4pc Accessory Cables (Power / Focuser / Scope / Fan)

NOTE: No tripod or pier is supplied with this mount

General Specifications

Type German Equatorial
Axis Diameter 85mm Hollow Axis
Bearing 4 Pre-Loaded Taper Roller Bearings 130/85mm
Weight (No Shaft) 38.5kg
Load Capacity 100kg (Imaging / Instrument)
Drive Noiseless High Torque Direct Drive on both Axis
Voltage 24v
Amperage 0.4-0.8A (10 Amp Max)
Pointing Accuracy* <12" RMS with Pointing File
Tracking Accuracy* 0.35" RMS over 5 minutes
Encoder Resolution 0.02" on the axis
Slew Speed 13° Second
Counterweight Shaft 60mm High Grade Steel
USB Hub Internal USB 2.0
Additional Connections Data, Fan
Remote Capable Yes

*As tested with an ASA telescope


Other Features

Pointing model calculates all repeatable faults

Extremely accurate tracking without external guiding

Very accurate Positioning

Fast but accurate polar adjustment

Automated motor tuning

Home position

2 Park positions

Set limits even without pointing

ASA Software Sequence can auto create pointing models

MLPT for local pointing models

Additional Software required Maxim DL, PinPoint, Planetarium software




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