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ASA 2" Newtonian Barlow 1.8x

ASA 2" Newtonian Barlow 1.8x

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ASA 2" 1.8x Barlow Newtonian coma corrector

This corrector can be used with nearly all standard Newtonian telescopes. The required focal distance is 40 mm. This allow nearly all Newtonians to be used for photography that have a 2" focuser.

APS-C sensors are fully illuminated as the barlow will provide a fully corrected and illuminated field of at least 30mm, in some cases 40mm depending on your telescope, subject to some vignetting. The medium barlow power allows Newtonian users to gain extra magnification without sacrificing too much focal ratio and keep exposure times short.

The ASA barlow is designed by Dipl. Phys. Phillip Keller and provides coma correction common in Newtonian designs. The corrector has enough back focus for use with common CCD and DSLR cameras. Every lens utilized in an ASA corrector is tested for correct radius and thickness. Lenses which do not meet the strict ASA criteria are not used. Basically this means the ASA barlow is hand crafted and each one offers the maximum theoretical performance. The bodies are CNC machined at ASA is Austria. Only high quality aluminium is used and processed with tolerances of max. 0.01 mm. The optical quality control, combined with the low tolerance manufacturing guarantees the ASA Barlow is a product in the reference class.

The barlow can be supplied with all necessary adaption to fit your scope / focuser / camera combination. Please ask for details.

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