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APM Alt-Az Fork Mount with Encoders and Nexus DSC Package

APM Alt-Az Fork Mount with Encoders and Nexus DSC Package

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APM Forkmount for Large Binoculars

The APM Forkmount is a development of the reknowned BInoptic Fork II and likes this it offers you a vibration-free, high load-carrying capacity manual mount for your Binoculars or Telescope.

We recommend this mount as the perfect match for the APM 100mm,120mm ED-APO Binocular and small to medium size telescopes. The fork offers a special mounting plate that allows direct connection to a binoculars mounting foot. This plate uses the Vixen GP dovetail format and slots into a 150mm GP format saddle. This allows the fork to be used with telescopes easily.

This version of the mount includes includes a pair of 8192 step encoders, cable and a mounting bracket designed for use with either the Nexus DSC or Nexus II Digital Setting Circles. The Nexus DSC is supplied as standard in this package. Please see here for specific details about the Astro Devices Nexus DSC

Technical details

Type: Alt/azimuth Forkmount

Tripod Connection: 3/8" or M10 photo tripod thread

Panning Area: 360° Tiltable from Horizon to Zenith

Mounting: Vixen GP format Saddle Clamp with plate for mounting direct to APM Binoculars

Adjustment: Adjustable friction in Altitude and Azimuth

Encoders: 8192 Step Encoder Kit including cable and mounting bracket for Nexus DSC

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