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APM Alt-Az Fork Mount with Encoders

APM Alt-Az Fork Mount with Encoders

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APM Forkmount for Large Binoculars

The APM Forkmount is a development of the reknowned Binoptic Fork II and likes this it offers you a vibration-free, high load-carrying capacity manual mount for your Binoculars or Telescope.

We recommend this mount as the perfect match for the APM 100mm,120mm ED-APO Binocular and small to medium size telescopes. The fork offers a special mounting plate that allows direct connection to a binoculars mounting foot. This plate uses the Vixen GP dovetail format and slots into a 150mm GP format saddle. This allows the fork to be used with telescopes easily.

The encoder version of the mount includes includes a pair of 8192 step encoders, cable and a mounting bracket designed for use with either the Nexus DSC or Nexus II Digital Setting Circles. The Nexus is NOT supplied as standard. Please also see this mount offered as a package supplied with either the Nexus II or Nexus DSC

Technical details

Type: Alt/azimuth Forkmount

Tripod Connection: 3/8" or M10 photo tripod thread

Panning Area: 360° Tiltable from Horizon to Zenith

Mounting: GP Dovetail Plate with twin screws for direct connection to Binoculars. This fits to a GP Saddle and is adjustable for balance.

Adjustment: Adjustable friction in Altitude and Azimuth

Encoders: 8192 Step Encoder Kit including cable and mounting bracket for Nexus DSC

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