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APM 50mm Guidescope Kit

APM 50mm Guidescope Kit

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The APM 50mm guidescope with indexed non rotating locable helical focuser. The rear of the focuser also includes a T2 thread to allow the addition of extensions. The focuser has a locable 1.25" visual back allowing the direct fitment of any 1.25"  'barrel' camera such as the excellent QHY5-II and QHY5L-II which fit directly into the rear of the focuser.




The scope also includes scope rings and a 100mm GP Dovetail. The Dovetail allows direct fitting of the guidescope to  saddle clamps and also features 3/8" and 1/4" threaded mounting points allowing the scope to be fitted in a number of ways without extra cost.


Please see package options available below. These include;


Package 1 - Supplied with QHY5-II Camera and adapter Set

Package 2 - Supplied with Universal Losmandy Plate and Berlebach Prism Clamp

Package 3 - Supplied with QHY5-II Camera, adapter set, Losmandy Plate and Berlebach Prims Clamp



·        Dewshield Diameter: 59 mm

·        Length incl. Focuser: 236mm

·        Multicoated 50mm F3.6 Achromat

·        Focal Length: 180 mm

·        1.25" Indexed Helical Focuser with Brass Compression Ring and T2 extension thread.

·        Supplied with tube rings and 100mm GP Dovetail


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