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10Micron GM 2000 HPS II Monolith 50kg Imaging Capacity

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Evolving perfection. The GM2000HPS mount, now in the new M2 version, is built for the demanding observer using photographic instruments up to a weight of 50kg 110 lbs (counterweights not included). Movements are driven by two servo brush less motors, with timing belt reduction having zero backlash. Both axis feature a classic worm worm wheel pairing. The worm wheels are made of bronze (B14), with a diameter of 172mm and 215 teeth, while the worms are made of alloy steel with a diameter of 24mm. The axes themselves are made of 50mm diameter alloy steel, for the maximum rigidity.

The electronics are housed in an independent control box, easily removable. The connections of the mount and keypad feature security lock screws. The mount can be controlled using the included keypad, without connecting an external PC. The keypad is built in order to maintain the maximum readability in all lighting conditions. Both the display and the ergonomic keys, allowing for the use of gloves, feature a red back light. An heater keeps the display warm for usage below freezing temperature.

The mount can be controlled using the most common software packages by connecting it to a PC using the RS-232 serial port or the Ethernet connection. This is done via the 10Micron ASCOM driver or the Meade compatible command protocol. Furthermore, dedicated software (also included with the mount) can be used to create a virtual keypad replicating exactly the functions of the physical keypad. The RS-232 port can also be used to control an external dome. This flexibility makes the GM2000HPS an ideal mount for observatories and remote observing sites.

The object database contains many star catalogs and deep-sky objects up to the 16th magnitude. Solar system objects can be tracked so that their motion is compensated with respect to the stars. You may load orbital elements of comets, asteroids and artificial satellites into the mount, so that these objects can be tracked directly using the keypad (without any external PC). Pointing is made accurate through the usage of a model containing up to 100 stars, which allows for the correction of the classical polar alignment and cone error. It can also compensate for flexure of the optical tube. In this way it is possible to obtain pointing accuracies of the order of 20 arc seconds RMS. The same model can be used in order to obtain the maximum tracking accuracy, compensating also for the atmospheric refraction (depending on the local atmospheric pressure and temperature).

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