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Lunt 50mm Double Stack for LS50 Telescope

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Double-stack filter for LS50THa telescopes. The bandwidth of H-alpha systems can be reduced by so-called "double-stacking". The smaller bandwidth increases the contrast and detail visible on the Sun's Chromosphere and within Prominences.

This filter is designed specifically for the LS50Tha Telescope. Use of it then reduces the bandwidth to <0.55 Angstrom. It has a thread which attaches directly to the front of the LS50 Telescope


Aperture 50mm
Bandwidth (With LS50 Telescope) <0.55 Angstrom
Tuning Mechanical Tilt
Housing Diameter 85mm
Length 70mm
Weight 0.7kg
Front Thread M80x1 Female
Rear Thread M80x1 Male



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Lunt 50mm H-Alpha Telescope / B600 / Pressure Tuner Lunt 50mm H-Alpha Telescope / B600 / Pressure Tuner
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