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AiryLab EdgeHD 800 HaT 0.5A Solar Imaging Package SAVE £606!

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Special Imaging Package

This is a special package combining the Airylab Hat 203 8" Solar telescope, 0.5 Angstrom Solar Spectrum 19mm Etalon and both 0.4x and 0.7x Baader Telecompressors. The HaT 203 is also supplied with an accessory for the standard 2.7x telecentric allowing it to operate at 3.5x (F35 focal ratio). The increase in focal ratio typically allows the bandpass to reduce by 0.1A for increased contrast. 

The etalon supplied is Solar Spectrums 0.5A Series 1 Observer. This has a 19mm etalon which permits quality imaging even with the largest sensors currently used in high frame rate cameras. The Series 1 etalon features active heating and cooling allowing the filter to maintain the centre wavelength of 656.28nm or adjust the filter toward red or blue regardless of the ambient temperature.

The addition of the 0.4x or 0.7x reduces permit increased field of view and improvements in imaging quality when seeing conditions are not optimal. The 0.4x reducer maintains a corrected field of 16mm.

This special package provides a complete solar imaging solution of extremely high resolution thanks to the 203mm aperture. The range of focal lengths available are

2192mm (2.7x with 0.4x telecompressor)

2842mm (3.5x with 0.4x telecompressor)

3837mm (2.7x with 0.7x telecompressor)

4974mm (3.5x with 0.7x telecompressor)

5481mm (standard configuration with 2.7x telecentric)

7105mm (standard configuration with 3.5x telecentric)

Supply of this package is subject to lead times. Please contact us for details.



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